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Bangkok Entrepreneurs October Event: 3D Printing Conference & Expo

3D Printing Conference & Expo: Meet Experts, See Printers and actual 3D Samples Discover the world of 3D Printing with Experts, 3D Printers and actual 3D Print Jobs!  Forget about Mobile Apps and Internet Startups for a moment… 3D Printing IS the NEXT BIG THING! Join us on Tuesday 21 October for a Bangkok Entrepreneursevent […]

Bangkok Entrepreneurs September Event: Networking and Golf

Networking & Golf: Meet Business People, Learn/Practice Golf, Pitch Your Ideas! Note: This event is also open to non-Golfers and people who only want to network and/or pitch companies or ideas) Join us on Tuesday 16 September at 19:00 at the White Ball Golf Academy in Thonglor for a very unique Networking and Golf evening! White […]

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