Wealth management firm Finnomena aims to diversify Thailand’s economic portfolio

He served as the first chairman of the Fintech Club of Thailand, a precursor to the current Thai Fintech Association, from March 2016 to April this year. He and other like-minded politicians and entrepreneurs, including Korn Chatikavanij, former Thai finance minister, founded the association in a bid to help the local fintech market ride the wave of what he calls a “mega trend” in the global financial market.

Like most other countries, the Thai economy is transiting from the physical world to the digital realm. The difference is that the shift in the Southeast Asian nation is taking place at a relatively faster pace than other nations, as the Thais have leapfrogged the PC era to move straight into the mobile era.

An increasing number of Thai people are spending more time online with their smartphones than before, and people tend to use mobile banking services to transfer money, instead of using ATMs or going to brick-and-mortar branches.

Having witnessed the changes brought about by smartphones, Sookdhis felt he had to do something for the local financial sector.

Read the rest of the story by Kim Young-won at The Korean Herald.


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