Kickstart Workshop – to enable startups to grow and to raise money as effectively as possible

Our core service offerings have been formulated to enable startups to grow and to raise money as effectively as possible, and we look forward to applying our range of knowledge and experience to help you succeed. 
Please see the offer for Kickstart Workshop below, which is designed to:
  • Guide your team through an in-depth, multifaceted review of your business 
  • Empower you and your team to best capitalize from expert feedback
  • Craft a business road-map for further dialog with Partners and Investors
During the Kickstart Workshop, our team will question, and brainstorm some of the most critical aspects of succeeding on the road ahead, including:
  • The business idea
  • The business model 
  • Unit economy metrics (cost of acquiring a user, retention rate, compounding factors, etc.)
  • Customer development (value proposition, use cases, models, goals)
  • Data analytics integration opportunities
  • Other topics based on your priorities 
  • A fully detailed and comprehensive feedback summary sent in after the Kickstart Workshop
  • Follow up meeting 5 – 7 days after the workshop ends
Due to the current volume of startup collaborations, we greatly appreciate a quick response from those interested in the Kickstart Workshop. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an e-mail to along with any other pertinent information.


Chairman at EntraHouse Holding and community manager at Bangkok Entrepreneurs and Gründerklubben (The Norwegian Entrepreneurs Club), Entrepreneur by heart, Angel Investor Facilitator and TEDx speaker.

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