Crowdfunding is coming to Thailand with Dreamaker & Dreamaker Equity

Dreamaker is one of the first crowdfunding platforms targeting Thai Entrepreneurs and the Thai market. Launched on August 3rd, 2015 by 4 co-founders, the platform is now up and running and ready to announce your project. However only Thai nationals or Thai registered companies are authorized to post projects on

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Dreamaker works with the ‘All or Nothing’ model, which means that if you don’t raise the total amount that you are asking for, you don’t get anything at all.

Fees include 5% of the funds raised, 3.65% on credit card payments and 7% VAT. Funders can transfer money via credit card, bank transfer or Paypal payment.

There is no time limit for your crowdfunding campaign, however the Dreamaker team recommends a 30 to 90 days duration and a 2-month pre-campaign, which means that, as a project owner, you are supposed to start announcing your project to relatives, friends and business connections and start raising money from them 2 months before you actually launch the ‘official’ campaign on Dreamaker. It is crucial for a crowdfunding campaign to get a few backers (investors) very quickly after launch to attract more backers. The best way to achieve this is to get the first backers before you even announce your campaign.


The Dreamaker team, led by Aekkasit Diewwanit, is also working on Dreamaker Equity, a crowdfunding platform when project owners offer equity instead of gifts and rewards, in exchange of the funding money.

Dreamaker Equity will allow Entrepreneurs and project owners to get their Thai limited company funded by individuals and companies in exchange of a certain amount of equity.

The Dreamaker Equity website is actually ready to launch, but the team has to wait for the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) new regulation on equity crowdfunding to be able to apply for a licence before they start this new activity. They expect to be able to launch by mid-2016.

Bootstrapped for now, Dreamaker is looking for a seed funding of 5 Million baht.


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