30 Seconds To Fly: From New York to Bangkok with Claire, an artificially intelligent travel assistant.

30 Seconds To Fly is coming to Bangkok to set up a team of web developers!

30 Seconds To Fly is not a new rock band but a startup that has developed Claire, an artificially intelligent travel assistant, that, they claim, is the first of her kind.


With Claire, individual travelers get the opportunity to quickly book a flight ticket by text or email. But Claire is not real. Claire is a machine that can understand and process the written human language (Well, in English at least for now).

30 Seconds To Fly have partnered with a Travel Agent to make sure that Claire books you the cheapest and most convenient ticket, whatever your itinerary.

The main consumer target for 30 Seconds To Fly are the SMEs who want to use a cheaper and more flexible solution than traditional travel agencies, and who want to keep track of the travel expenses of their employees.

3 pricing plans are available for SMEs (up to 1,000 employees), from a free basic consumer plan to a Premium SME plan with a fee of US$300 per employee and per year.

Claire’s User Interface

The New York-based startup is in soft launch for now and will officially be launched in January 2016. The 2 co-founders, Felicia Schneiderhan, an economist (M.Sc.) and journalist, and Riccardo Vittoria, a mechanical and industrial engineer (M.Sc.), are currently in the process of raising fund and setting up a development team in Bangkok.

Visit 30 Seconds To Fly here.


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