Is ProMandate the UBER for Professional Services?

Need a lawyer? A web designer? Or an accountant? But you don’t want to hire someone full time or to trust a freelancer? Try ProMandate! The Startup that offers qualified professionals to tackle your Legal, Tax & Accounting, IT, or Web & Design needs.


ProMandate is a brand new Bangkok-based Startup (still on soft launch), backed by Inspire Ventures and managed by Patrick Monaco-Sorge, who happens to be also a co-founder at TechGrind and a VP at Inspire Ventures.

So, how does ProMandate work? 

You (the company) submit a Job post (for free) on Within 48 hours you will receive 5 quotations from qualified professionals. You are able to chat with them or to give them a call before you chose the one who meets your needs (and your budget).

How do i make sure that the service provider who sends me a quotation is a qualified professional?

Not only ProMandate pick and validate their service providers for you, but they have also established a review system that gives you the ability to review your provider when the job is done and/or to check reviews before you chose him.

Is it absolutely free?

For you (the company) yes it is, but for the qualified professional it is only free when they start. ProMandate works with a Token system. Every time a qualified professional submits a quotation, it costs them a number of tokens, between 2 and 9 depending on the type of service. Once they run out of tokens, they can buy new ones for 30 baht a piece.

Basically it will cost a qualified professional 60 to 270 baht to submit a quotation. Whatever the amount of the quotation, there is no additional fee, which means that the qualified professional should send the right quotation immediately and make sure that it is accepted, rather than try and offer a higher price first.

In real life, it will be interesting to see how the qualified professionals deal with this process.

As we said earlier, ProMandate is still in soft launch and will probably adjust their model based on the early feedback. The website is in English and Thai, but the main target for now is the local market (ie: mainly Thai.).

Is ProMandate the “AirBNB for office works”?

No, they define themselves as “the UBER for Professional Services“. Or, more seriously, as a platform for qualified leads.

Visit ProMandate here.


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