‘Thailand Startup Ecosystem – Q4 2015’, by Bangkok Entrepreneurs

Bangkok Entrepreneurs proudly presents the Thailand Startup Ecosystem – Q4 2015 report!

In the early days of 2012, when Bangkok Entrepreneurs was launched, Bangkok had no coworking space, no startup, no VC… Nothing!

A bit more than three years later, it looks like every one is starting their own venture at home or with friends; there are more hot desks available than people working in IT; and money is coming from everywhere. The Thailand startup scene has changed, and for the better!

Thailand Startup Ecosystem 2015 Q4
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The past three and a half years have seen tremendous changes in the Tech industry in Thailand and this is what we would like to show in this presentation.

Our ambition with this report is to provide a comprehensive overview of the current startup ecosystem in Bangkok and in Thailand as of October 2015.

We don’t pretend to be exhaustive and objective, but we do try to be accurate and fair.

This report will tentatively be updated every quarter or so. If you have a comment, a question, an addition, a correction or anything else to report, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you for reading.


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