BEC TERO, Thailand’s largest entertainment company

BEC TERO: Maybe the name is not very familiar (unless you watch Thai Football and cheer for the BEC Tero Sasana FC that plays in the Thai Premier League), but if I tell you about Maroon 5 or Muse or Madonna and their recent (or upcoming) concerts in Bangkok, then you know what I am talking about. BEC TERO is the company that organizes these events.


But BEC TERO is much more than concerts and Football. I recently sat down with Molly Linton, Group Sales and Marketing Director at BEC TERO, and learned a lot about this entertainment company.

BEC TERO is famous for being the first and only concert organizer to bring Michael Jackson to Thailand. Since then, BEC TERO have established themselves as the main concert organizer in Bangkok for international artists (Shakira, Beyonce, Britney Spears, etc.), Asian artists (K-Pop, etc.) and Thai artists.

But BEC TERO also organizes musicals, exhibitions, Disney Shows for kids, sport events, etc.

Their ‘Concerts & Events’ division is huge, but not even as big as their ‘Radio & TV’ division, for which BEC TERO has partnered with Channel 3 (Thailand’s largest TV Channel, for which they are producing films and shows) and Virgin (Virgin Star FM and Virgin Hitz are 2 of BEC TERO’s numerous local radio stations).

BEC TERO, it’s also the largest music label in Thailand (the former Sony Music label in Thailand), and the largest event (and bus!) ticket seller in the country with Thai Ticket Major (a Joint Venture with the Major Cineplex movie theaters).

If you decide for a night out, be it a concert, a movie or a musical, there is a big chance that you are using the services of BEC TERO.

More recently, BEC TERO has also launched a ‘Digital’ division providing digital TV content and digital radios, and Qikplay, an online music store.

Now covering all areas, from the physical world of events to the virtual world of the Internet, plus TV, movie theaters, music and radio, BEC TERO is becoming an entertainment expert and a communication giant.


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