Health Box, the business of customized healthy meals

A newcomer to the “healthy food delivery” scene, Health Box is a Startup whose mission is to deliver portion-controlled customized meal right for your needs. With Health Box, a 80-kilogram gentleman will receive a different portion (size and variety) from a 50-kilogram lady. To achieve that goal, the Startup has hired a full-time professional nutritionist.

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Launched in September 2014 by Pimpawan Saengnark (Apple), who left her corporate job at Nielsen to jump in the Startup business, and a partner (investor), Health Box is still a small team: Apple as Managing Director,  Jutakant Chawnamtip (Bam) as Nutrition Manager and a third person as Logistic Manager (dealing with the delivery fleet and the delivery schedule). The kitchen staff is subcontracted to Apple’s family who owns a restaurant in Bangkok. The fleet is outsourced.

Still, as of today the small company has served more than 200 customers. They deliver on average 60 to 70 meals per day to 25 to 30 customers.

Different meal options are available, from a single-meal order (320 baht including delivery fee) to a 3-meal-per-day plan for 20 days (250 baht per meal including delivery fee) and all the variations in between.

Now that the company is up and running, the challenge for Apple and her team is to spend more on Marketing activities and to get more customers with a limited budget.

Apple will participate in our Bangkok Entrepreneurs event on Wednesday 29 April 2015 and will share with us her experience as an Entrepreneur and the challenges she met, moving from a senior management job in a multinational company to a Startup.

Join us and get a chance to win one of the 2 Health Box prizes (two “2-meal/3-day” plans) or one of the several other prizes up for grab at our lucky draw!


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