Month: April 2015

PassionDelivery, the 24/7 Online Farmers Market

PassionDelivery is a young startup whose mission is to deliver high quality artisan food products (wagyu steaks, french bread, cheese, sausages, foie gras, cakes, etc.) straight to your door. Their goal is to solve two major problems: – Helping busy professionals with tight schedule to save time by ordering online instead of having to drive or […]

Health Box, the business of customized healthy meals

A newcomer to the “healthy food delivery” scene, Health Box is a Startup whose mission is to deliver portion-controlled customized meal right for your needs. With Health Box, a 80-kilogram gentleman will receive a different portion (size and variety) from a 50-kilogram lady. To achieve that goal, the Startup has hired a full-time professional nutritionist. Launched […]

Polpa healthy food delivery service: When an engineer launches a startup with a foodie professional

Polpa is a startup named after the Italian word for pulp, as in “tomato pulp“, because its promise is to deliver quality Mediterranean food to your (home or office) door. Started in Bangkok, on November 17th, 2014 (yes, precisely), by Julian Timings, an engineer, and Prongfa Uennatornaranggoon, a food and beverage professional, the company’s mission is […]

Paleo Robbie, or the Paleolithic Diet as a new Business Idea for Bangkok

Paleo Robbie is  one of these healthy food delivery companies that will participate in our Bangkok Entrepreneurs event’s panel on Wednesday 29 April 2015 at the Hilton Sukhumvit hotel. Robbie is the name of the founder, and Paleo stands for the Paleo(lithic) diet, a fat diet based on the food humans’ ancient ancestors might likely have […]

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