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The Lazada of finance: GoBear Thailand gets an arousing Welcome!

The Lazada of finance: GoBear Thailand gets an arousing Welcome!


Financial products, Insurance schemes are as boring as it can be, but when deemed necessary we have all fretted about not being wise to join one.

These days insurance cover is something which everyone aspires to have, to always make sure that your loved ones will be always safe and secure in time of any mishaps. The common problem we have all faced in such situations are the difficulty in finding the right insurance plan. With a zillion insurance sites popping up each day you are left at your own end to choose the one plan from among a myriad of choices. Breaking you head over options in front we finally choose one just to get away from this maze.

Well happy news for you, GoBear, a Singapore startup learned the complications of this unorganized sector and is making it all very simple for you. With an awesome visual interface which is both mobile and desktop compatible they have made it all completely understandable for you with this Meta search for financial products.

GoBear Thailand was launched in 21st October, 2015 and has gained momentum receiving a lot of bookings per day. They deal with car insurance, travel insurance and bank products such as credit card, cash card and term loans for a start and will be venturing out to the other sectors such as home loans, health insurance very soon. The company aims to be as transparent as can be to display the complete details of the products on their website so that the customers are free to choose from instead of being forced to buy any product.

We at Bangkok Entrepreneurs got the opportunity to visit the local office of GoBear in Thailand. Situated at EmQuartier at the heart of Bangkok they have set up a lovely office with around 15 dynamic employees currently working for them. GoBear Thailand deals with car insurance, travel insurance and bank products such as credit card, cash card and term loans for a start and will be venturing out to the other sectors such as home loans and health insurance very soon. Sharing with us the current market trends they explained that car insurance is the leading product in Thailand.

Though they did not reveal the funding amount which GoBear received in the first round of funding, they confirmed that BCD Group was one of the lead investors and that GoBear is in the middle of the next round of funding. Thailand being a strategic market for GoBear in South East Asia, the Thailand subsidiary – GoBear Thailand is reported to have received the lion share of the investment.

If you have noticed, there is no company in Thailand offering such a unique service to you. You may go to the individual insurance provider sites to check the information, but finding all the different insurance policies on one, that has never happened. You can compare numerous car and travel insurance policies from the top insurance providers in a nick of time saving you both time and money. Making it all very simple and as transparent it can be, the site uses language that any layman can understand simplifying the entire process down for you for choosing the right insurance cover. The Thai version of the site is available at the moment and they will be soon coming out with the English one as well.

Based in Singapore, Andre Hesselink is the Founder & CEO of GoBear. Hailing from the Netherlands, Hesselink became one of the pioneers in the online travel business by setting up the online travel agency in 1995 and Travix, another online travel solution that commanded 50% of market share across the Netherlands in 5 years. He moved to Singapore in 2011 to set up the Asian branch of Travix. While trying to purchase a car insurance plan through the traditional route he encountered many hurdles and difficulties. It is then when Hesselink conceived the idea of a totally transparent online search platform to compare insurance, which led to the launch of GoBear in 2015. He has established the company in China, Singapore and Thailand and has plans on expanding to other countries as well in the near future. With transcending boundaries they are also taking utmost care in presenting to each company the best insurance products in the respective countries.

With online shopping becoming the trend of the current consumers and comparison sites becoming very favorable in the food, travel and hotel sector it is high time that we have had an insurance comparing site. We must say GoBear is creating history with this startup idea. Visit their website by clicking here:


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