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‘Business Speed Networking’

What is ‘Business Speed Networking’?

Business Speed Networking‘ is a fun and easy way to meet professionals, expand your business network, find new contacts, partners, customers or colleagues, or just start a business conversation!

Speed Networking 1
Speed Networking with Bangkok Entrepreneurs

Business Speed Networking‘ is a combination of Business Networking and Speed Dating, but only for professional purpose.

How does ‘Business Speed Networking’ work?

It is very simple: we put two lines of chairs, face to face. Two people sit randomly in front of each other and, at the signal, start a conversation. The session lasts 3 minutes and gives the opportunity to both persons to introduce themselves and listen to the other person’s introduction. Discussion is free and share of speaking time is up to the 2 participants. When the 3 minutes are over, one person stays at the same place, the other one moves to the next seat in line, and we start over.

In 45 minutes, each participant will meet 15 different professionals (15 x 3 minutes).

Why ‘Business Speed Networking’?

Pure ‘cold’ networking may be intimidating and complicated. Who do I talk to? How do I start? What do I talk about? Should I start talking about business immediately or should I start with some chitchat first?

Business Speed Networking‘ makes it easy and straightforward. People start immediately by introducing themselves and asking questions about each other’s activity and business. No need to approach anyone, no need to chose who to talk to and what to say, it all comes naturally.

And because it only lasts 3 minutes, ‘Business Speed Networking‘ is never boring! People have the choice to pursue the conversation later on, or to avoid any further contact with the person they just met. And anything in between of course!

Speed Networking with Bangkok Entrepreneurs
Speed Networking with Bangkok Entrepreneurs

How do I participate in ‘Business Speed Networking’ sessions?

Bangkok Entrepreneurs organizes ‘Business Speed Networking‘ sessions on a regular basis. This sessions are usually held before or after a main presentation during a regular Business Networking event. However, sometimes we also offer dedicated ‘Business Speed Networking‘ events.

Check our upcoming events and RSVP when interested: Click here.

We hope to see you at a coming event!


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Digital Marketing Professional, Entrepreneur, Startup Enthusiast and Event Organizer, Bart has been living and working in Thailand since 2006. He is the founder of Bangkok Entrepreneurs and WebMob Digital. As a Digital Marketing consultant, Bart is now helping Entrepreneurs, SMEs and Corporate clients to create, implement and optimize their digital strategy.

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